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You may have heard of the "cap-and-trade" proposal in Congress, which would essentially impose a national energy tax. But have you heard of the $100 billion California-only version that will start hammering the state’s economy next year? It’s called Assembly Bill 32, and it will smash just about any chance remaining for a recovery soon in the Golden State. That’s why NTU and the California Jobs Initiative need your help to suspend the law before our families and businesses feel its effects!

In 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 32 to create a California version of a cap-and-trade program that requires carbon-emission cuts starting in 2011. The bill’s supporters said it would create jobs in California, but a study by Sacramento State University shows that the only things AB 32 will do for California is increase a family’s cost of living nearly $4,000, boost the regulatory burden on an average small business by nearly $50,000, and cost the state in excess of $100 billion to implement the program! Even under the best economic conditions, these impacts would be devastating. But at a time when the unemployment rate is in excess of 12 percent and the state is broke, moving ahead with this bill would be especially harmful to Californians. We must act to suspend AB 32 before that happens.

NTU is joining with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and many other allies with the California Jobs Initiative to circulate petitions to protect the state and its citizens from this predatory legislation. Here’s how you can help:

  • Take a moment to visit the website of the California Jobs Initiative, where you can learn more about why AB 32 is so dangerous and how we hope to end it.
  • Sign the certified ballot measure petition for the California Jobs Initiative. If we’re successful with the petition drive, voters will have the chance to suspend AB 32 in this November’s election. Keep in mind that all petitions must be received by April 15th, 2010, so be sure you send in your signatures promptly!
  • Forward this email to your family and friends in California. Encourage them to print and sign the petition, so they can help you gather support to suspend AB 32.

NTU has more than 52,300 members in California. If each member can turn in just one petition with two valid signatures, we’ll be responsible for over 104,600 signatures, which is roughly 15 percent of our goal of 685,000! With a little bit of effort from you and other taxpayers across California, we can help prevent crippling energy costs and even more job losses!


Your NTU Grassroots Action Team

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