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Send a Message to the IRS: Don't Silence Us


IRS Commissioner John Koskinen recently said, “Public trust is the IRS’ most valuable asset.” Imposing new regulations on 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations breaks that trust by restricting free speech and compromising the ability of these groups to carry out the mission that their members have entrusted them with.

As a taxpayer, I oppose the proposed rule (IRS Reg-134417-13) to modify regulations governing 501(c)(4) organizations. In addition, the secretive manner in which the proposed rule was drafted raises serious procedural questions and while also undermining any trust Commissioner Koskinen is trying to preserve. The IRS should not be selectively limiting the activities of one particular type of organization.

This rule is neither clear nor fair, and it should be rejected. Reforming the 501 (c)(4) classification should not include muzzling the free speech rights of citizen groups or their members.

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